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An Interview with Mike DuBoise COO of Funimation

The Future of Anime is Now

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bb14z2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Great interview. While I would love to have an "end-all-be-all" place to legally stream all anime (potentially a crunchyroll and Funimation co-op?) competition will probably bring out the best in both.

In any case, one question I would have liked have been asked or expanded on is the expiring of "key" Funimation licenses. In the wake of the news that Funimation is losing licenses like FMA: Brotherhood and Darker Than Black to Aniplex (and, by extension, Aniplex of America) I think the customer has a right to know some details about that. We now know that other popular titles like Guilty Crown are going to expire, but will the customer have to worry about other licenses as well? Even down the line? Certainly, some physical releases have already been allowed to go out of print. For example, the Future Diary Part 2 is no longer attainable on DVD. Obviously, I don't think there's a strong correlation--but I do think it's worth lightly mentioning while in the context of an interview. Mike may be very well able and willing to answer.

And another really important point that, in my opinion, warranted a brief question was the status of incomplete series. Ranging from series like D. Gray Man where literally half of the series remains undubbed/unlicenses to OVA endings like Future Diary: Redial to sequel seasons of titles remaining out of Funimation's reach (Mushi Shi: Next Passage) or flat-out unlicensed (Fafner). While I'm sure Funimation is trying its absolute best (because, of course it's in its best interest to deliver to its fans as best of an experience/product as possible) it would be a mighty relief for there to be a certain communication with consumers. At the very least, whether there are plans or negotiations or not...I don't think any consumer would ask Funimation to use its public image as blackmail and potentially ruin lucrative business relationships, but I think as consumers we would like to know what to expect (and not to expect) as it relates to all available shows when we sign up for this service. As a major fan of Funimation's products it's a mighty big frustration of mine getting my hopes up over a title and then grasping at straws and scouring the internet to find the smallest bits of information.