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Winter 2016 Anime Midseason Overview

With the Winter 2016 mid-season point upon us, Guy looks at all the shows he's watching and gives his feelings about each and every one, including the ones he's put on hold or dropped.

What's hot, and what's not?

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Thunder_God1630d ago

I'm liking this season! Although I've been harsh before on seasons where "only 5 shows" really held my attention and approval, most seasons with 5 such shows, anything beyond the top couple usually did so haphazardly, or I ended up watching 12 shows, of which I liked 5-6, and when you watch 5-6 shows you dislike weekly, things are rough.

But this season, the top end is solid, and I dropped everything besides. So, I'm having fun. And even if this season isn't "great", then it's solid, certainly /solid enough/.

How about you all?

TXIDarkAvenger1630d ago

I didn't pick up ERASED / Boku dake ga Inai Machi when it first started but I decided to pick it up last night. Binged watched all the episodes that were currently out at that time. It's really good so far, like really good. Waiting a week for the next episode is definitely rough though.

Besides that I'm watching Assassination Classroom 2nd Season and Haikyuu!! Second Season. Both really solid shows so far. I think its been an alright season, I kind of like it because I can catch up with other shows (just started Initial D). Next season I think might be a killer, so many good shows.

Thunder_God1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Yup, backlog always beckons, and almost always is better than currently airing shows, cause you know ahead of time whether the show falls apart at the end or not :D Sadly, I didn't find the time to actually dip into my backlog even without watching all that many shows. Sometimes you're busy with other things.

And damn, catching up to BokuMachi now. If I could've, I wouldn't have started it so I could've marathoned it all at once, heh.

Kingoftherodeo1624d ago

how does dimension w get b- to a c+ rating? but showa genroku rakugo shinjuu gest a A same score as erased but its on a whole different level. someone really needs to work on their scoring system