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Blast of Tempest (Episodes 1-24 Streaming) Review - ANN

"You have to admire the confidence of a show that not only names itself after one of Shakespeare's greatest plays, but also quotes the bard directly on an episodic basis. That's about as bold of a choice as you can make - not just subtly riffing on classic tragedies, but actually inviting constant comparisons between the trials of your characters and those of Prospero, Caliban, and Hamlet. Blast of Tempest is perhaps the only style of show that could get away with a trick like that; it is a proud and unabashed melodrama, a high-stakes story of love and revenge that laughingly frames the fate of the world as no more than a reflection of its own adolescent love polygon. It may not actually get away with its conceit, but that's certainly not for lack of trying."

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