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One Punch Man Power Measurements- Beyond The 100 Push Ups

There is more to his god like power than 100 push ups, sit ups and squats.

Part of the One Punch Man comedy is the idea that this Saitama become so powerful doing this one exercise routine. Which is the comedy of it. It is suppose to mock super strong characters with this funny looking bland guy that struggles to pay rent in an apartment complex.

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kingPoS1351d ago

I absolutely love his character. Its so funny watching the gary stu trope turned on it's head. lol. It's becomes even more amusing in fanficion. Especially when authors try to get a handle on his ridiculous power without depowering hm.

UltraNova1351d ago

I loved his character as well, it was the execution I found a bit predictable. I mean the guy has no opposition, no matter how huge, powerful, intimidating, god like the enemy before him we knew from the moment he faced Saitama he/she was one punch away from oblivion.

I'm not here to propose a solution to this guy's encounter predictability because with a character like this, there's none I and its creators, obviously, can come up with...