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The Top 5 Animes of Winter 2016 You Should Be Watching

COG writes - This Winter hundreds of animes have come out - which ones should you be tuning in to? Don't panic - we've put together a list of the Top 5 animes you need to be watching right now!

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MRBIGCAT1604d ago

Nice list, I think I'll check out a couple of those animes.

MercilessDMercer1604d ago

As per usual, regardless of quality, there's only a couple of shows that spark my interest. Not saying anything bad about the ones that don't, I'm just particular about my anime

Digital_Anomaly1604d ago

I'll admit I'm WAY out of touch with what's good and what isn't these days. At least this gives me somewhere to start.

On another note, I did just buy a ticket to go see Akira on the big screen at a local theatre and that makes me kinda giddy in the pants.

GrapesOfRaf1604d ago

Oh mana KonoSuba looks amazing. Definitely going to start watching it soon.

generalwinter1604d ago

Schwarzesmarken looks very dark, don't usually see that in anime.

mystic_artes1604d ago

Last season had some great anime line ups! Erased is probably my favorite so far!

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