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Winter 2016 Anime Overview – Weeks 9-10 (Anime Power Ranking)

Since he spent the past week writing the Spring Season Preview Guide, Guy looks at the past two weeks' worth of episodes he's watched, and shares his thoughts on each of the shows, and their episodes, at this point.

Extra-long write-up for Grimgar, and longer write-ups for BokuMachi (ERASED) and Akagami (Snow-White), normal-sized write-ups for the rest.

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Thunder_God2010d ago

As the season winds to a close, I feel as I usually do at this point, "Clear the slate, and bring in the new hopefuls that are likely to be executed!" Even the shows that are solid and worthwhile, if they're not "friends" with me by now, which usually only "comfy" shows get to be (such as Akagami this season, and Ushio to Tora last season), then I'm ready for something to cleanse the palate.

Most shows were "more of the same," but you do expect to get a grasp on them by week 9-10. How did you all feel about the last two weeks' crop?