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Anime Soapbox 14: Fat, Spicy Oshino Meme

Blame Michigan State for the podcast being late. On this last week’s episode, the gang covers a bunch of news over the past two weeks. 9Ball gets a new waifu after watching Kizumonogatari, Emperor J gives business tips to TokyoPop, Kelloggs gets excited about Eromanga (Queensland), and Aeroblip targets his frustration at various anime streaming services. Surprisingly no sports references this week. However, prepare for the usual nonsense and some Guy Fieri.

00:30 – Introduction
10:30 – Kizumonogatari Thoughts
08:30 – TOKYOPOP Has Issues
13:30 – Eromanga-sensei, Danmachi
24:00 – Ancient Magus’ Bride, SAO Movie
37:30 – Barakamon, Accel World Movie
44:30 – Amazon Prime and the Snow Piercer
62:30 – The Funimation Catalog
69:30 – Wrap-up

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