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Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Episode 12 (Finale) – Hoping to Believe, Believe in Hope

Guy takes a look at the finale to this season's most talked about series, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (or ERASED in the west), with a thematic breakdown on the same refrain the show's been about all along, the notion of "trust".

There's also a nerdy breakdown of "I believe in you is an awkward phrase," for those who care for such things.

As always, this write-up is not a summary of the episode, and is written with the assumption you've watched the episode. As it shares thoughts on the material shown, rather than recap it.

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Thunder_God1596d ago

Wow, I haven't shared one of my episodic write-up entries since OreGairu S2 finished airing, eh? Well, I overall liked the show quite a bit, and found this episode in particular to be very strong, both for its pacing and interweaving of elements, and for its cozy and small moments. All of which was also served by it being a good /finale/, not only tying up the remaining loose ends, but bringing together all the thematic threads in a unifying manner.

I liked it. It wasn't a perfect show, mostly because it had two distinct vibes that often clashed together, but this episode was one of the better ones, and each part on its own was enjoyable for me, so I would recommend the show to others.

paradigmfellow1591d ago

The ending was rushed and it did not follow the manga after episode 10.

The manga develops the ending more. I was happy with the series, but was let down with the ending. I still rank it high on my list, but I hate when animes do not follow the manga.

TXIDarkAvenger1595d ago

A lot of people thought this was the weakest episode. I personally enjoyed it so its nice to see someone else did too.

For me this was like a solid 9-10 anime. A lot of people will say I'm overrating which is fine but I really enjoyed this show. Every episode was solid, great animation, amazing opening. There wasn't really much I hated about it. I do wish they made it longer as they apparently left out a few things that happened in the manga.

Thunder_God1595d ago

Not all things cut out are to the detriment of an adaptation. The two halves of the show crimped one another's style, but giving the "other half" even more room would've made the show feel even more disjointed, not less, I think.

paradigmfellow1591d ago

A lot of character development was left out from the manga.

paradigmfellow1590d ago

I meant to say "left out from the anime that was in the manga".

DEATHxTHExKIDx1593d ago

Best anime this season for me. I was hyped for more every episode and could not wait for the next. 8/10