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Gundam Reconguista in G – Review [SnapThirty]

For as long as words have graced the ears of those intelligent enough to understand them, so too have stories. Those yarns spun of fiction and facts that teach all lifelong lessons or simply grant a respite of joy. From this incalculable run, it is also quite easy to believe that form has been honed and that certain stories have come to be known far beyond their point of origin. However, complacency is tantamount to sin in the eyes of some and so tales never told continue to be born from the foundations created by those who came before. Yet, despite the twisting of form and alteration of lessons, there is one law that should always remain standing; in its own way, a story should make sense. For a story to break this unspoken rule comes at its own detriment. After all, what point is there to lesson that none can learn? To a message that cannot be understood? The short answer is none. The long answer is the same, with an example.

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paradigmfellow1754d ago

This is the worst Gundam in history.