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Spring 2016 Season Week 1 - First Impressions

Guy goes over the list of shows he's sampled thus far this season, and gives a comprehensive overview for his thoughts for each one, alongside a link to lengthier first impressions post, aside from the returning Kagewani Shou and Ushio to Tora.

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Thunder_God1583d ago

More or less as expected, this season is a lot of fun, with focus on fun and silly, and sometimes accidentally over-the-top content. The "serious" material thus far still has to prove itself (Joker Game's 2nd half of the premiere), or is showing signs of being unintentionally hilarious (and/or bad, for Mayoiga).

But at least it's almost all interesting! Which is nice. Except for Kuma Miko, that just bored me senseless :-/

Killa781582d ago

Are these the only shows you're going over?

Thunder_God1582d ago

Nope, these are just a couple which I use as examples.

The tags in the post above do reflect which shows I'm going over in that post, 8 in total.