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Riddle Story of Devil – Review [SnapThirty]

What is your greatest wish? A simple enough question in theory, but we all know that theory is often the plaything of a little concept known as reality. Still, it’s nice to wonder. Were there no restrictions tying you down, no repercussions from external sources, what is it you would ask for? Would it be wealth? Power? Fame? Or none of these? Are your heart’s desire simpler? Perhaps more complex? Selfish? Selfless? Impossible? Impractical? Questions, questions, questions, nothing but questions and we’re still in the realm of the hypothetical. but what if we weren’t? What if you were given the chance to answer your heart’s unhindered call? Would your answer change? Would it stay the same? However, despite all of these nagging issues that tap tap tap upon your soul, one question yet remains; What would you do to have your wish fulfilled?

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