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Dragon Ball Fusions, New Dragon Ball Z Game, Gets First Trailer

A new Dragon Ball game is making its way to Japan later this year.

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Game4r1545d ago

I hope this game will be good!!

KentBenMei1533d ago

I don't see how it couldn't be, seems to be the most original Dragon Ball game to date.

DragoonsScaleLegends1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Namco you douche bags I know you will never port a Dragon Ball Z game to Vita but can you at least put the PSP Dragon Ball Z games which are easily better than this on the PS Store. I don't want to hack my Vita to play your games. Also put the GBA Dragon Ball Z games on the eShop.

KentBenMei1533d ago

You spoke my mind, lol. They actually did put a DBZ game on Vita, though, but it's one of the shittiest DBZ games ever made. I'd much rather have the PSP and PS1 games available on Vita, myself. Also the GBA DBZ games on eShop would be a miracle, I never got to play through all of them.

xander707691542d ago

Oh look, another cool dbz game that probably won't get localized to NA.

KentBenMei1533d ago

Please don't jinx this shit bro lol.