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Veteran Voice Actor Ōhira Tōru Passes Away At Age 86

Japanese media has reported the April 12th passing of 86-year-old narrator/voice actor Ōhira Tōru, whose work dates back to a 1955 dub of the 40s American Superman cartoon, which has been described as the first dubbed program to air on Japanese TV. He voiced five characters for the production, including both Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Later work included classics like Hakushon Daimaō (The Genie Family), Dr. Nanbu Kōzaburō (Gatchaman) and Moguro Fukuzō (The Laughing Salesman), and more recently Gaimon (One Piece).

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1570d ago
coolbeans1563d ago

Wow. Quite the multifaceted voice career. RIP Ohira Toru

KentBenMei1562d ago

He did Lois Lane? Lol. R.I.P