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The Top 10 Best Anime to Watch Right Now

With so many anime to choose from, here are 10 that are perfect to watch right now.

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PerfidiousSinn1570d ago

I totally forgot about Dragon Ball Super. I was waiting on the English dub.

TXIDarkAvenger1569d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Nah, don't watch Tokyo Ghoul. The first season is pretty good but the second season is just awful. Highly suggest reading the manga because it is amazing.

s45gr321564d ago

No mention of Sword Art Online 👿

reyray07091564d ago

What a horrible fucking list. Nothing but casual garbage.

gunnerforlife1564d ago

Sorry mate but when you have something as big a dbz then it automatically goes in the list. Not because it is amazing ( animation is piss poor sometimes) but because of what it means to majority of Western anime fans! This is one anime no matter how bad it is, it'll draw in viewers.

Zodiac1564d ago

What is considered "hardcore" anime?

link2Dpast1564d ago

Damn the animation in DBsuper looks amateurish. That cover shot of goku looks worst than Dragon ball. They gotta step it up , characters look undone and simple

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