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Spring 2016 Season Overview – Week 4 (Anime Power Ranking)

Guy looks at this week's bounty of shows, and discusses the episodes and what he thought of them.

Long write-up for My Hero Academia and Re:Zero, medium-length for Kiznaiver, Big Order, and Flying Witch, and shorter ones for everything else.

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Thunder_God1673d ago

I wasn't doing the best this week, but this week's bounty was fine! Fun with My Hero Academia, dumb fun with Kabaneri, good physical humor and bad written humor from Re:Zero and Kiznaiver, and just fun with Flying Witch. Nothing this past week blew me out of the water (though Hero Academia was close, but a bit too padded), but almost everything was good.

The bad this week was very bad. At least it's helping me get closer to 10 or less shows to watch weekly, which would've been less of an issue if not all the shows aired on Friday to Sunday.

How about you all?