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Akira Toriyama Reveals Future Trunks Dragon Ball Super Art; Saga Happening In June

Some big news was announced on Goku day. It has been revealed that Future Trunks will be in Dragon Ball Super and his saga will be starting soon.

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TXIDarkAvenger1549d ago

Future Trunks is returning? Might have to pick this show up again.

link2Dpast1546d ago

I've read up on it off and on. Now dimensions come in play . Really smart of toriyama, unlimited possibilities Brolly becoming part of the series ect....but if it's future trunks I sence the season gonna be about vegeta going bad again and in that becomes as powerful as goku. Then the original vegeta seeing that and battles with the fact he's being held back by love and friendship and ultimately fights himself and saga will be about him n trunks