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Dragon Ball Super Universe 6 Arc Review [Capsule Computers]

The Universe 6 arc of Dragon Ball Super is the first to contain entirely new material for the franchise, with a plot outline provided by series original author Akira Toriyama. Running for 15 episodes, the ‘Universe 6’ arc pits five fighters from Universe 7 (the universe we all know and the home of the main protagonists) against its twin universe of Universe 6 in a tournament organized by both Universe’s God of Destruction. Does this new arc manage to impress and build upon the legacy of Dragon Ball? Read on for our full review.

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M-M1527d ago

This arc was actually really good.

hay1527d ago

Yes, it was awesome, especially for a prologue to a proper arc.

AHall881527d ago

It's so nice to have new Dragon Ball, and it's actually pretty good too. (In my opinion of course.)

TXIDarkAvenger1525d ago

I should pick this show up again. The bad animation in the beginning of the series made me put on hold for a while.

garrettbobbyferguson1522d ago

Beginning of super or beginning of Dragon ball in general? Because DB and DBZ had some great animation.

TXIDarkAvenger1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

The beginning of Dragon Ball Super.

The fight scene where Goku is fighting Beerus had some pretty bad animation. DB and DBZ fight scenes were so much better animated. I figured if the most important part of the show is going to be poorly animated, I should just drop it but apparently its much better now.

edit* Just watched a few fight scenes that happened later on and it looks much better.

garrettbobbyferguson1522d ago

I've yet to watch Super, but the animation and art is just killing me. I hope the quality isn't mediocre all throughout.

nato251522d ago

unfortunately it is but the worst baseline has lifted and there are some shining moments of greatness. Hopefully with the upcoming Trunks arc they understand the importance of it and lift the quality. Preview looks good so far.