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Getting the Band Back Together – Ushio and Tora Episode 37 – Season’s Writings

Don’t you just hate a smug villain? You know the ones, they’re always talking about how they’re the best and will never be defeated by the likes of you. They suck. Yet, there is one glaring benefit to witnessing a character/creature who fills this role; watching them fail. Is it vindictive? A little, yes, but they’re evil so it’s okay…I think. Regardless, we’ve all been watching Hakumen be an arrogant, selfish monster for all this time, so I think it’s about darn time that we get to see this fox-bird-horse get some just desserts. Or at least, the prequel to dessert, since the show’s not done yet. Would that be dinner then? The prequel to just desserts…I hope Hakumen gets its just dinners.

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