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The Frontier Triangle

Anyone even remotely familiar with the Macross franchise has heard the phrase “the Macross formula.” This expression was born out of fans’ desire to sell people on the series by distilling it down to its most essential ingredients: transformable planes, pop music and a love triangle. While we can debate whether or not this basic blueprint adequately encapsulates what Macross fundamentally is, there is no denying that each of the three elements are front and center in every iteration of Macross. Anecdotally speaking, the element of the formula that gets the least attention—or perhaps gets taken for granted as the easiest to pull off—is the love triangle. However, I think that incorporating a love triangle into your story, making it interesting and, maybe most importantly, not allowing the triangle to damage the integrity or likability of your characters is an extremely difficult narrative feat to pull off. Frontier is the Macross iteration that manages this feat most successfully.

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