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‘Magi: Adventure of Sinbad’ Anime TV/OAD DVD/BD Box Set Artwork Arrives

Aniplex Japan has set the home video release plans for Magi: Adventure of Sinbad and it’s certainly a little different than the norm for them but in a really good way. With the release hitting at the end of the month, we now get a look at some pretty nicely designed packaging for it that like the design of the show itself is just a bit different.  The distributor has set a single box set release for it that also includes the five episodes of OADs that were produced for the manga. The TV series is spread across three discs and the OADs on a fourth and final disc. Scheduled for an August 24th, 2016 release, the DVD is priced at 27,000 yen while the Blu-ray is priced at 30,000 yen.

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