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Hatsune Miku Takes Down Twintails in New Shampoo Ad Featuring Scarlett Johansson

The previously announced commercial for Lux shampoo and conditioner featuring virtual idol Hatsune Miku and Ghost in the Shell star Scarlett Johansson has been posted on the official campaign site and will begin airing on Japanese television on August 31.

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Archaic2343d ago

Realistically, I suppose she's only barely more photo-shopped than other celebrities and models. Still feels odd to have Shampoo promoted by... someone? something? ... that doesn't have actual tangible physical hair though.

sonicwrecks2342d ago

Buy our shampoo, it up-scales your hair quality.

Aither2342d ago

That voice, it is like a Chippette was stuck in a Zeppelin full of helium for a month.