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Thirty Years Ago: The Best Anime of 1986

The amount of new anime released every year is staggering. It's now the norm in the 2010s that every few months there are at least thirty new series starting, but ask yourselves: on average, how many do you consider re-watching once the next season starts? How about two seasons later, or even a year? The odds are quite high that you likely haven't got time to re-watch very much with so much new anime to follow, but I'll take it a few steps further. For the last few years, I've been looking back on what works of Japanese animation came out THIRTY years previously. As we're in 2016 now, this brings me to 1986; a year often singled out as particularly noteworthy among anime fans who refer to the 1980s as a “golden age” due to Japan's prosperous economy at the time. Could this by chance mean that 1986 is the greatest year for anime EVER? I won't make such claims myself, but here are but a few of the interesting titles released that year.

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