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Alderamin on the Sky ‒ Episode 10 Review - ANN

Ikta has been shown before to be a brilliant tactician, good actor, and fairly keen observer of character. But if there was ever any question about whether he had balls, this episode should incontrovertibly put that to rest. Cutting your finger off – in chunks! – to convince someone of your sincerity when there's no time to convince that person through words is pretty damn hardcore. He was even able to joke about it afterwards! It's easy to lose track of in that scene, but also surprising that Yatori didn't try to stop him or even seem that disturbed by it. Ikta clearly filled her in before they went into the tent, but her not causing a scene about it either during or afterwards strikes me as just another sign of the trust between them. She also had no reaction to him knowing Nana, the Sinack chieftain, from years earlier, or his compliments about her beauty.

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