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Persona 4 : Golden Review A Look Back At The Classic - SideArc

"In case you hadn’t heard, Persona 5 has had the best opening week for the series in Japan, and is coming out soon in the West. At least if you consider February to be soon. Even though this is a few months away for most of us, this seemed like a great time to take a look back at this modern classic of JRPGs and re-review why Persona 4 Golden is both one of my all-time favorite games and the primary reason Persona 5 is my most-anticipated game of the moment."-

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KingKelloggTheWH2373d ago

The anime was pretty good. May need to check the game.

Marow2373d ago

Having recently finished Tokyo Mirage Sessions, while created by a different team entirely, my urge to try out Persona has increased a lot. Shame I don't own any of the consoles...

Princess_Pilfer2373d ago

Persona 1/2/ the other half of 2/3/4/portable (which is a different version of 3) are all PS1/2 and PSP games, easily emulated. Persona 4 Golden (The better version of Persona 4) is on the PS Vita so you can't emulate that, but you can pick up the PS1/2 games on ebay for like 9 bucks and throw them in your computer. (You can also dump the games from PSP memory, but that's harder.)

Princess_Pilfer2372d ago

What idiot disagreed with a factually correct statement? I even went out of my way to suggest it be done legally, even though if you were to buy the games to play them, Sony/Atlus still don't get any money from it because those products aren't sold new except on the PS3 PSN and nobody is buying a PS3 just to play PS2 and PS1 games which means that even if you get them illegally as far as Atlus/Sony are concerned it makes precisely no difference.

TXIDarkAvenger2370d ago

Recently beat this over the summer. Really great game, glad I didn't skip over it.