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Haikyu!! 3rd Season ‒ Episode 7 Review - ANN

I'm not sure if I've ever sworn quite so much during an episode of anime as I did this week. As Karasuno and Shiratorizawa go into the final set of their qualifying game, the stakes couldn't be higher: not only is this it in terms of chances for the third-years, but this set only runs to fifteen points – ten less than the norm. That means that whoever gets the lead in the beginning is more likely to win the whole thing, if only because there's less time to turn things around. To that end, Ukai the Younger's decision to put Suga in as setter is particularly fraught – yes, Kageyama is really out of stamina after four intense sets, but even though Sugawara is an excellent setter, he's not on the same level as the first-year. At the same time, this is his last year with the team, and this is their most important game to date. Especially with the backstory provided by last week's episode, Suga getting to play in his regular position rather than as a pinch server is seriously important for him as a character. I'm torn between cheering and screaming.

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