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Times We All Cried During Naruto

GamerBolt: "As the anime comes to a close, we take a look back at moments that had even the toughest of nerds caught with moisture in their eyes."

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zeal0us1295d ago

You're going to be crying more once this live action version hits American shores. Commence the white-washing.
DBZ:Evolution 2:Hidden Leaf

PapaBop1295d ago

What a load of crap, I happen to think Justin Bieber would make an excellent Naruto, Miley Cyrus too for Sakura!

Majin-vegeta1295d ago

When they killed Neji I was done with Naruto.How could you kill off the coolest character in the anime?

PapaBop1295d ago

The deaths just shocked me more than anything, only times where I was hit in the feels was the two episode special showcasing how Minato and Kushina died plus when Naruto got to meet his parents.