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Flashing Back: Why Anime Uses Filler Episodes

In the anime community, there are just some words that you shouldn’t say. Dragon Ball GT, fan service, and cancellation are three of the biggest no-no’s, but there is one word which reigns above even them. If you have a death wish or wish to end up in a Death Note, then you better not say: filler.

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blackblades648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

Tbh I never knew about fillers until my friend told me. Basically from what I know fillers are there because at times there's not enough material (manga) to keep the anime going. So they make up a story which is a filler to buy sometime. Ova seems the same to me, definitely when it's all bout fan service when the anime that don't have that much in it. I like fillers when they're like naruto or dbz garlic Jr saga. They don't interrupt the story and they fit right in. Bleach on the other end was horrible they came in doing the story right in the middle of the fight. Also hate when they change the story from the manga to there own when there's not much material for them. The best thing to do is to wait for the manga to be nearly done to make the anime so there won't be any fillers or cancellation or changes unless the actual creator what's the change because they didn't like a certain part.