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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai Review - The Galge Conqueror! - Anime Bibly

Galge or dating simulation game has become more a trend among the otaku. You will also find interesting branching route in every girls you choose to date, whether it’s bad, good, or best ending. You can also reset your life to date another girls and re-starting your story with her. But, is dating and falling in love with 2D girls really fun and can make your heart beats so fast? Well, at least there is one boy who always conquering any girl’s heart, both in games and real life.

This anime is a kind of Harem genre, but you will also find some interesting aspect such as parody, fantasy, and humor, which make this anime not boring at all. If you need some romantic-comedy anime series, maybe you can go with this one!

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