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The Mike Toole Show - The Amazing World of Anime Arcade Games

Mike Toole: "I was back in Japan a couple of weeks back, looking to experience my first Comic Market (it didn't disappoint) and do some other festive nonsense. After ringing in the new year at Kanda Myojin (the official Love Live! shrine, dontcha know), it was time for my wife and I to wander over to Akihabara, to get some souvenir shopping done and meet up with our old pal, games writer and historian Heidi Kemps, who operates the extremely good site. Heidi and her friends dutifully led me straight into Hey, one of the neighborhood's best arcades, in search of limited merchandise and vintage arcade cabinets. Very soon, I was standing in front of a Tokimeki Memorial Puzzle Dama machine."

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