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The Powerful Women of Trigun - Anime Feminist

Yasuhiro Nightow‘s manga Trigun is most assuredly defined by its tagline: Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action! Even so, those words also make the series damn near impossible to truly fit into a genre. It has a heavy science fiction origin, a Spaghetti Western backdrop, themes and symbolism from Christianity, and is also fiercely environmentalist, anti-nuclear, and anti-war, while utilizing violence to address these themes.

This all sets the scene for Trigun to be a little out of ordinary, a bit scruffier and more radical than its Space Western cousin, Cowboy Bebop. Nightow’s narrative is more inherently political than some anime and manga at this time period, full of contradictions and conundrums that make Trigun stand apart from many titles that have come after it.

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