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Highschool of the Dead is more than fan service?

A series known for cheap panty shots and gratuitous nudity, Highschool of the Dead contains great storytelling and an interesting atmosphere, among other things.

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SarcasticDuck2120d ago

fanservice? lol apart from Naruto, HOTD was the first anime i watched (as a new anime fan. I watched Shaman king, digimon, etc when i was a kid) and it was recommended by three friends, not because of the erotic stuff (which they called an extra) but because of the story. It's a great anime and it's sad to see the author gave up on it!

Asuka2120d ago

fanservice aside i thought the pacing was pretty good. It your typical zombie apocalypse story, but the action sequences and the animation was good imo. There was definitely a reason to watch other than the in your face fanservice. But seriously...i quite liked the fanservice in this haha xD It is really too bad that source material was never continued and it seems the author has either forgotten about the project, or has no interest in continuing it. the last i heard was that there were rumors HOTD would get picked up again...but that was years ago xD