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Hunter x Hunter Manga Returns June 26

The acclaimed Hunter x Hunter manga series will return to serialization in Shuiseha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine next month to continue the adventures of protagonist Gon Freecss.

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Game4r537d ago

I'm so excited! Hope its back for good!!

rockwhynot535d ago

Is this the oldest manga? Seriously Gon needs to beat tha gay clown already

OMGitzThatGuy535d ago

If you have been reading last years chapters then you would know that as of now Hisoka vs Gon is never gonna happen again and that is far from a major plotpoint as of now.

Lennoxb63534d ago

It'll happen again. Gon just isn't ready to fight Hisoka just yet.

DarkZane535d ago

This should be cancelled, it's on hiatus more often than it's being published at this point and it's obviously a money pit.

goldwyncq535d ago

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Kabaneri535d ago

I hope we get some more seasons for the anime, the Chimera ant arc was AMAZING.