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Sony Pictures TV to Acquire Majority Stake in Funimation

Sony Pictures Television Networks announced on Monday that it will acquire the majority stake in FUNimation Entertainment. The agreement, which values the company at about US$150 million, will still have to go through regulatory approvals and other conditions for closing. Funimation CEO Gen Fukunaga will retain his position and a minority stake in the business.

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annoyedgamer1754d ago

Well, there goes funimation...

justy1121754d ago

Clearly you have no idea what your talking about or in fact read the article, because if you did you would know that sony is only buy 95 percent of the company foe 143 million dollars. funimation is going to stay the same for the most part, Gen is staying on as CEO and so are all the Voice Actors. the crunchy roll funimation deal is staying as well. so really if you read anything you wouls understand that funimation will continue to be run by funimation the only difference is now sony is footing the bill.

1754d ago
Lord_Sloth1754d ago

People said the same thing about Marvel movies when Disney bought them.

ThanatosDMC1754d ago

I hope they get different translators or different voice actors. Their voice actors are appalling compared to their Japanese counterparts.

Harkins17211754d ago

While it would be nice to broaden more VAs. Funi has some great VA. So gtfo

Orpheo1754d ago

Maybe now we can finally get that sequel to "Dragonball: Evolution..." ;)