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Sword Art Online Anime Series Continues With the Alicization Arc

Project Alice is now underway.

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SarcasticDuck1452d ago

haven't watched season 2 and have no plans to watch this either

s45gr321451d ago

I respect your opinion, but imagine if our vr tech reached the point of sword art online. That will be so sweet. Instead of going to school physically able to go to a virtual school or better yet a vr dating site.......

rdgneoz31452d ago

"It’s worth pointing out that the Alicization arc takes up nine of the 18 volumes in the original novel series."

Watching half the original series of novels? If they do it right and don't cut stuff out, it could be good.

s45gr321451d ago

Why? Is a really good anime

PapaBop1451d ago

Lol you must be new to the internet, it's cool to hate on SAO.

s45gr321451d ago

Hell yeah! My favorite series is returning. This anime really gives out the pros and cons of virtual reality and where our current vr tech should strive to achieve 😀

guywazeldatatt1449d ago

Honestly I cannot wait for this. One of my favorite series'.