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Prison School Dub Leads to More Controversy for Anime Fans

Richard of writes, "Really, it boils down to me being against censorship when it comes to materials that have already have already been produced and the forced change just to have the art conform to your chosen set of views and/or values. Let’s change things to make art for a better future but not at the expense of the past. Let’s not repeat the mistakes that have been made, but neither should we completely erase them and act like they never existed.

That all being said, I want to talk about the recent hubbub between the creative staff over at FUNimation and their viewers. In a recent airing of a dubbed version of the anime Prison School, the writing staff, Tyson Reinhart in particular, managed to anger a lot of Western anime fans with their dubbing of a line from the original anime to something that claimed was more in tune with Western audiences."

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BlahBlahWhatever1439d ago

Another reason to never watch shity English dub in an anime, stay the fck away & watch the original that is of the highest quality & with accurate translation of what the characters say, without censorship & idiotic additions in the translation that completely change the meaning of what the characters say.

Harkins17211439d ago

Your user name describes your paragraph. While this particular incident was handled poorly that’s not always the case. For example Funi did fantastic with Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Sure go watch the sub (I do) but they don’t always have the greatest subtitles. So please stop with your bullshit

SarcasticDuck1439d ago

if you think this is bad, you should see the portugal dub of DragonBall Super. A franchise that should be timeless is filled with stupid jokes and references to current soccer situations that nobody will understand 5-10 years from now. It's disgusting.

This just to say, I agree, japanese dub all the way!

Ryasha1439d ago can let people watch whatever they want, how they want without being a complete douchebag.

That aside, there is nothing recent about this "issue" in Prison School. It aired over 2 years ago and has been out on DVD/Blu-ray for a year.