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Why It's Time To End The Dragonball Franchise

With the recent prediction of the Dragonball super coming to an end, many fans have no other option but to associate this end with the respective series of event. Dragonball Super fans have no choice than to remain calm till the last news of retiring the Dragonball franchise materializes.

Despite the perception that the franchise is likely to receive new projects that feature Dragonball Super, fans feel that the Dragonball Super is taking a break sooner rather than later, with the estimated date being 25th March 2018. Dragonball Super is perhaps ending in episode 131, with the main reason being the need for more time to design new animations for the movie.

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Codedan263d ago

Why? The series has potential for at least 2, or 3 more quality arcs. The studio is busy who creates DBS so it makes sense that they need a break.

ChrisW262d ago

Quality... The key word

ChrisW263d ago

I've read that the Toriyama had no inclination to continue the story after he finished the first series, even after its great success. IMO, that's where it should have ended. Yeah, yeah, yeah... there are a ton of DBZ fans, but when an author is reluctant to continue working on something that he declared as "finished," that's a strong indication that it should've ended.

Cueil262d ago

He seems ok with creating a frame work and letting others fill it in

chadwarden263d ago

What needs to end is One piece

badz149262d ago

One piece is interesting while DBS is straight out dumb considering all that has happened previously

Asuka262d ago

What needs to end is Case Closed... i swear they will never find a permanent cure for Jimmy... what are on now like +90 volumes and +800 episodes to the anime???

blackblades262d ago

Pokemon needs to end period.

DillyDilly262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

Dragonball is not ending they want that crew working on the new movie & the next Dragonball show after the movie will be seasonal

theshredded262d ago

I want them to fix the pacing and remove the dumb a$$ waste of space characters. DB Super tournament arc is getting one pieced. I used to be excited when I see Goku or Vegeta or Piccolo but now it's just kill this ugly f* already and the fighting is crap and so long.

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The story is too old to be commented.