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10 Best Dragon Ball Z Characters of All Time

With all of the warriors of legend who have come and gone throughout DBZ's many sagas, it's hard to narrow down which of them were the very best. But try we must, because Dragon Ball FighterZ is out, and our hype for Kamehameha's are at an all-time high.

So here is the Twinfinite ranking for our top 10 best DBZ characters of all time!

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Travis3708261d ago

My top 10 would be
1 Goku
2 Vegeta
3 Gohan
4 Piccolo
5 krillin
6 Frieza
7 Cell
8 Yamcha
9 King Kai

Kakashi Hatake261d ago

No Cell, what a joke for the series best villain to not be listed.