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Fairy Tail Sequel Spin-Off Manga Coming; Final Season of Anime This Fall

Not one, but two Fairy Tail sequel spin-off manga are coming soon, alongside the final season of the anime. Oh, and Hiro Mashima is making a new series, too.

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derkasan1510d ago

It's good that we're getting more Fairy Tail love.

SarcasticDuck1509d ago

yeah, because Shonen Cliché 101 wasn't good enough to end without taking two breaks!

Harkins17211508d ago

Your point? Sometimes shows need breaks in order for other materials to catch up.

FlyingFoxy1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Wish they would make more eps of other good anime like Watamote etc.. It's annoying when they start a series and never finish it.. If they're going to do that then they shouldn't even start it in the first place.

No love for more mature shows.