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Which Anime Streaming Service is Best for You?

It’s never been a better time to be a fan of anime. What once was a hobby which required patience and a large amount of effort to track down certain shows has been streamlined and improved to near perfection, allowing for more legal consumption of the medium and fans to be added at a breakneck pace. There are a lot of streaming options out there though, so we've got you covered with a breakdown of each one.

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Kabaneri240d ago

VRV gives you Crunchyroll and Funimation together.

Asuka239d ago

^This. VRV premium has been worth it imo

FlyingFoxy240d ago

I buy Bluray's, especially when there's deals on. I don't get blinded by half assed critic reviews either.

iofhua240d ago

I prefer my anime subtitled and I'm loving Crunchyroll. I also have Hulu and they pick up some anime that Crunchyroll doesn't have, like the new Tokyo Ghoul. Between these two, I have a lot of shows to watch.

I tried Funimation but the UI on their website is terrible and I couldn't get their streaming player to work in my browser.

I used to have Netflix, but I left when they raised their subscription. They have a very limited library and it was barely worth the old price. Most of their new content is PC and focused towards minorities.