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Will Casual Dragon Ball Fans Be Confused With The New Broly?

With the first major trailer unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, gave anime fans a look at the marvelous villain. And yet, Super gives Broly an opportunity he has yet to see, to be part of the Dragon Ball canon. Broly is going to be somewhat reworked in the new movie, and this has us all wondering if Broly will be confusing to Dragon Ball fans.

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drpepperdude263d ago

It's super, it doesn't matter if it makes since.

woodtock263d ago

I think some casual fans who watched the 1993 version movie will be confused with Broly's reboot return. Hardcore fans won't be confused.

SarcasticDuck263d ago

everyone is used to reboots by now

1Victor263d ago

I would wait and see the movie before claiming casual fans will be confused by the new broly story.
I believe Toriyama will make him way better rounded and grounded than the mindles idiot with a death vendetta screaming kakarooooot because goku was born the same day and was screaming too loud.