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10 Anime Movies You Need to Watch Before You Die

Among some of the most influential works of Japanese animation, anime films exemplify everything that makes the genre as great as it is. With top of the line art work, animation that flows like water and themes that range from the relatable to the fantastical, they’ve allowed viewers to see breathtaking works of art in motion, and these 10 stand as the ones everyone should see at least once before they die.

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level 360312d ago

All time best is probably Grave of the Fireflies and My Neighbor Totoro
New to include - Tekkon Kinkreet, Batman Ninja

FlyingFoxy311d ago

Grave of the Fireflies i watched not too long ago, i really liked it.. though obviously it was sad pretty much through the entire thing, definitely not for weak people who sob easily. Hence the teen rating on it.

But, there's other anime that i really enjoy that aren't classed as "The best" usually. I tend to ignore ratings of stuff unless a rating is abysmally low. Tastes differ too much to take reviews seriously.

quenomamen311d ago

I’d replace some of those with and reccomend yall check out

Princess Mononoke

Wings of Honneamise ( epic story about a nation trying to put a man in space)

Ninja Scroll ( which makes Batman Ninja look like a saturday morning cartoon)

Vampre Hunter D

The 3 Evangelion movies

Macross Plus

The made for American market 1980’s Robotech saga ( Macross Fans think its a joke but its good in its own good.

and lastly Batman Ninja had great art style, design and animation but the story was straight saturday morning writing, again Ninja Scroll shits all over it and they should have taken some pointers from that anime Classic. They should have taken a more Mature stance with the style instead of the campy stance and it would have been a lot better movie. Its like they took a great looking anime and added a crappy story made for American teenagers. Waste of animation in my book.