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Top 7 Sports Anime

If you're a sports enthusiast and an anime fan who has a inclination towards sports anime then this list of 7 best sports anime for you.

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MWH187d ago

Nice list, not a football fan i see, Captain Tsubasa being even at the bottom of the honourable mentions. To me, it would be at the top of my list. But to each his own.

PapaBop187d ago

Agreed, strange as well seeing as Knight in the Area got a mention despite it being one of the weaker football series. Hungry Heart was better at least.

BlahBlahWhatever186d ago

How can you not put Major in a list such as this one? Major is not just one of the best sports anime it's one of the best anime of all time, I have watch way over 1000 anime & Major is in my TOP 20 all time favorite anime, at least Ippo is there which is also in my TOP 20 & btw I have watch pretty much every sports anime out there I am a big fun I love sports anime.