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Netflix’s Saint Seiya Adaptation Hit By Storm of Dislikes After Main Character Sex Change

During the past weekend, the streaming giant Netflix announced a CGI adaptation of popular manga and anime Saint Seiya.

The adaptation, which appears to be focusing on the first season of the anime, features a peculiar alteration: one of the main characters, Andromeda Shun, has been changed from male to female.

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ChrisW572d ago

These days, many people with traits of the opposite sex get sex changes and strive to be identified by the sex they are portraying. Thus, I don't see anything wrong with this...

Scorpio33572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

That's only in America, and a few of its puppet satellite Countries. Thankfully most of the rest of the world is not being forced into accepting this sick top-down agenda by the so called elites. How many official genders do the have in NY now, over 50 I think? What a joke lol

annoyedgamer572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

I read from fans that the original character is gay. By SJWflix changing the gender it defeats the entire message.

TricksterArrow571d ago (Edited 571d ago )

Shun is not gay. He is actually very popular with the girls, though he is a pacifist, wears pink, is very sensitive, rather use his powers defensively (even though he may be one of - if not the - strongest Saint) and is prone to receive help of his more aggressive teammates in order to win his fights.

Shun is already a unique character that breaks the mold: him not being gay, but people assuming he is, is actually proof of that. All the while we get Hyoga and Shiryu, two characters with similar personality traits and overall character arc to remain untouched. Don't get me wrong, as a fan, I wouldn't want any of them to be changed to female (we have plenty of female in the series that could use the time in the spotlight, and they are all awesome in their own right), but most definitely not Shun.

Giru017571d ago

TricksterArrow is 100% on point and gets it.

The entire point is that SS has a very established canon when it comes to females in this world. They could have introduced a new female or expanded Saori, Shaina or Marin's roles. Instead, taking the effeminate Shun and making him female "because pink" is highly offensive and completely ruins one of the best characters while also continuing the "damsel in distress" trope, since Shun is very often in need of rescue by his older brother due to his pacifist nature.

Had they made Ikki or Hyoga a female, it would still have broken canon, but at least we'd have strong female characters with no damage to their backstories, their drives would be the same: protect his little brother and become powerful enough to reach his mother.

As it stands, this is a disgusting move by Netflix and is more gender offensive than any other change they could have made. SS: Lost Canvas had already introduced female characters and it was treated and received with respect, same with SS Next Dimension and even Episode G.

deno571d ago

That's because you are not morally fit.

Cikatriz_ESP572d ago

“While Shun is perhaps the one among the Bronze Saints with the highest raw power, his non-violent attitude and unwavering kindness created an interesting contrast that made him unique and beloved among fans of both genders for decades.

Many argue that changing him into a female conveys the potentially backward message that male heroes cannot be sensitive and kind, while female heroines need to always be sympathetic and tender.”

That’s a fantastic point. In their pursuit to be inclusive they’ve actually done something rather regressive. Why does the pink one have to be a girl?

masterfox571d ago

Trailer pure garbage and insanely disrespectful of the classic original story anime and manga. No way in freaking hell I'm watching this garbage.

FinalFantasyFanatic571d ago

The animation actually looks bad to me, I think I'd rather watch that CGI movie.

BlackDoomAx571d ago

They look like puppets. Why Watch this when you can Watch the beautiful originals ? And no need to talk about Andromeda, it's too stupid and disrespectful.

PapaBop571d ago

If this trailer is anything to go by, that's going to be a common theme for Netflix anime shows going forward.. why watch their interpretation when you can watch the classic that made it's name?

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