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Pack Shot Revealed For Dragon Ball Complete Manga Box Set

Amazon has updated its listing for the Dragon Ball Complete Manga Box Set, revealing the pack shot.

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rockwhynot219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

The only way to deliver a "hard style" strike without dealing an equal amount of damage to one's own self as stated by Neuton's third law of physics is if the point of contact(s) actually becomes soft at the last instant. Otherwise violently crashing body parts into things and people or whatever is unsustainable over the decades. Take it from me a state registered black belt in shaolin chuan fa a.k.a. kung fu who had to learn this the hard way. Oh and by the way, moving away from a soft supple fluid body type since we humans are about 70% water and instead becoming more callous is death- plus all our grandparents are dehydrated and pruned out anyway so what's the rush? This creates hardening of the blood vessels so no point in bragging when one's shin bone for example is literally as tough as a stone after smashing it a million times because all this does is dehydrate bone and surrounding tissue.

blackblades219d ago

Who the black guy and what happen to him.