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Sony's Aniplex Aims to Start Full-Scale Chinese Animation Production

ANN: Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei reported on April 19 that Sony Music Entertainment's Aniplex subsidiary has established a Shanghai-based subsidiary with the intent of starting on "full-scale" Chinese animation production, as well as sell merchandise. The subsidiary will begin operations in May. The report noted that the Chinese animation market is projected to exceed 3 trillion yen (about US$26.88 billion) in 2019.

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GGEZ424d ago

China's tight rules and draconian censorship forces everything to be safe and boring. If I was gonna invest in animation I'd go to South Korea. That countries' rapidly becoming pretty wild, they are not afraid to express themselves and manhwas are blowing up. These days I read more manhwas than mangas and they are so good that I pay for 3 subscription on 3 different publishing sites: Toomics, Toptoon, Lezhin Comics... There are so many stories that would make excellent cartoons/animations.

mkis007424d ago

Kings Avatar amd Quanzhi Fashi Are some of my favorites. Good things can come of this.

cleft5424d ago

Absolutely, I have been reading a lot of Chinese web novels, they are nothing short of brilliant. Chinese web novels and animations are incredibly top notch from a storytelling perspective. They just need some financial back for animation.

mezati99424d ago

this is nothing but good news