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the_fantastic_nami has just released her sexy cosplay as the High Elf Archer from “Goblin Slayer”

"I just found out about a really talented female cosplayer named the_fantastic_nami, and I'm sure glad that I did. You see, just recently Nami released her awesome and sexy cosplay of the High Elf Archer cosplay from "Goblin Slayer" - Robin Ek, TGG.

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FlameWater363d ago

Thank Earth World Grasgoon for cosplay

TGG_overlord363d ago

It's a gift to both men and women :3 (dark-skin girls ftw!)

KwietStorm363d ago

Where's the uncensored versions? Asking for a friend.

TGG_overlord362d ago

You can get them via Nami's Patreon page ;)