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Alita fans lash back at Independent journalist who called them Nazis

Alita has been at the centre of unfounded controversy that was ignited by outrage media. The #AlitaArmy have been called alt-right and they aren't happy.

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SuggestionBoy247d ago

Butt hurt outrage media these days, I swear. Alita was a great adaptation of the manga. Awesome movie. You are not a nazi fo liking it.

annoyedgamer247d ago

I suppose its better than to be called a pedophile. Thats usually the go-to accusation for anime fans these days.

NiteX247d ago

I dunno man, I think being called a nazi is worse.

NealGamby247d ago

So let me get this straight. According to the liberal media, if you like Alita, you are a Nazi. And if you don't like it, you are against women having strong leads in movies? Wish they would just hurry and make up my mind for me. I hate not having my own opinions. /s