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French cosplayer banned for blackface for League of Legends costume

You can cosplay as demons, elves, aliens but if you cosplay as a person of colour you're allegedly a racist and immediately banned from the EuroCosplay.

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SodoBot1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Does context not matter anymore'? If their is no ill intent is it still racist? And FFS.... Pyke is an undead demon! Like it matters anyway, if she wouldn't have made the costume black she'd be accused of whitewashing.

omegademonchaos1111d ago

Im black and i call bs on banning her on the context of blackface her costume shouldn't even qualify as such i understand the historical context of black face and no way should this qualify let her cosplay seeing crap like this pisses me off

ShockUltraslash1111d ago

Hitler was banning Jews left and right. And then it went to extermination camps.
We need to stop this before progressives start throwing us into extermination camps.

mopground1111d ago

the writing is on the wall

1111d ago
annoyedgamer1110d ago

China already has extermination camps, your "news" just doesn't report on it.

2pacalypsenow1111d ago

This world is going to shit...

Double_O_Revan1111d ago

She looks incredible. Wtf is wrong with them.

thejigisup1110d ago

This was not done in poor taste.