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Yoshinobi-chan just released her sexy Christmas-themed cosplay of Rem from “Re:Zero”

"I'm sure glad that I followed up on what Yoshinobi-chan has been up to as of lately. You see, just recently she dropped her awesome and sexy Christmas themed cosplay of Rem from “Re:Zero”." - Robin Ek, TGG.

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Simon_the_sorcerer973d ago

Rem is so cute and wholesome :3

TGG_overlord973d ago

She sure is ;) And so is Yoshinobi-chan (she's so cute, thick and fine).

651d ago
TGG_overlord973d ago

I forgot to mention one thing, I got some cosplay interviews in the making with some of the biggest names on the cosplay scene. So "hopefully" I shall have them done and made shortly after Christmas.

TGG_overlord973d ago

Me too, and thick women especially:3