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Eren Yeager is the Jesus Christ of Attack on Titan

Eren may be viewed as a villain, even a devil, but the Christ parallels are real.

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ShingekiNoKyoujin13d ago

Eren is completely justified in his actions. Marley deserves this. THEY started this. It's time for Eren to end it.

ShingekiNoKyoujin13d ago

It's also fascinating how Eren is the personification of judgement and wrath that's about to be unleashed upon the world, much like is said will happen in the bible when "jesus" returns. idk. Biblical parallels everywhere, even his hair!

HeyHeyHeyGaming13d ago

Eren actually seems like the Devil with his glowing eyes

ShingekiNoKyoujin12d ago

yep but jesus isn't said to be all nice when he returns, if true!

SniperMoose6d ago

Marley started the war, Eren is just fighting for his right to exist.